• Kristin Sinclair

The beauty of B.C.

What's this post got to do about photography? Nothing my friends. Read on.

If you don't know this about me already, I lived in and around Victoria, B.C. for about 8 years. The original move was literally prompted by looking at a Canadian road atlas while on a road trip and noticing that UBC was right on the ocean (that and the fact that I wasn't totally feeling my current university). It took some convincing for my parents to understand why I was leaving a four year degree program after three years to move across Canada and start midway through, but was it worth it. The friendships I made, along with the absolute beauty of the west coast are immeasurable. My now-husband and I lived aboard a 29-foot sailboat and I learned to live with the gentle rocking and the not-so-quiet clanging of rigging all night (and maybe not common knowledge, when you live on a boat everything always feels slightly damp. ALL THE TIME.)

Several of our friends had sailboats as well and there is a definite gulf-islands culture that is so completely tied to the rocky and yet lush landscape. We were only ever visitors on the gulf islands, but our friends and the community there always made us feel at home and time always seemed to go slower (or was that because our mode of transportation was wind-dependent?) So many everlasting memories were formed there: rowing our skiff through hundreds of moon jellys below us, motoring to the pub and watching the phosphorescence glow in the wake behind us, nights spent watching the most ridiculous movies (the original Sharknado, anyone?) with seemingly endless rum and cokes (oh to be young again). And that was just Pender Island… I’m beyond excited to share with my children the endless sand at Chesterman's Beach and Long Beach on the west coast of the island this summer, although I'll leave the surf training to my husband.

B.C. has been thoroughly entrenched in my soul (I should start the kids thinking about school out there so we can move back..) Do you have a place that you've visited or even lived that has left an everlasting imprint?